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motor selection?

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Good day first I'd like to welcome my self to the site. I'm a SrA in the Air force as a satcom maintainer and part time I'm the director or RonsRaceShop.com. I've taken a good amount of basic electronics couses so i understand (but dont know)your basic theorys and stuff when it comes digital, analog, data rates, and waveforms. i just dont know how to create stuff from scratch so this is a first for me. :( so hopefully someone can help me out

Well I came up with an idea about having the throttle of a car were building controlled by a servo type motor rather than the traditonal pull cable. They do this with newer vehicals but it would be way to difficult to adapt that type of system to an older car so i'd have to do it by scratch. So getting to the point I'm looking for what kind of motor I should use for this application. I dont really know what to even look for. I found some stuff about stepper motors and that but I dont really know if that fits what i'm tring to do. so please any help would be greatly appreciated. If you guys need more information please ask away

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Hi Ron,

Welcome to this forum.
The “fly by wire throttle” has been around for some time and works very good. The question is; do you want to fiddle with it “live”? There are risks involved here of curse, I am not saying it wouldn’t work but let’s be careful. The cars electric environment is a thunderstorm of interference which can affect the performance of a device like this. If you want a starting point I think the mechanics and motor in a cruise control is a good place to look.   

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ok i'll see what i can dig up. hopefully i can find something small that i can make a clean install with. as far as a live set up i was just going to have a 12V source and constantly open and close the throttle with it off the car. once i feel comfortable with it's reliability I'm going try it for real world.

what type of motor do they use for cruise controls anyway?

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Hi [email protected], Ante

How about using something like an electromagnet a solenoid, maybe if you were to wind the coils of a solenoid in a taper, fewer coils at one end to many more at the other end, then by varying the current to the solenoid should have the effect of steadily drawing the plunger into the solenoid, and then of course the return spring on your throttle will provide the return and maintain throttle position.

It's just an idea, but if it was to work there would be very little to worry about in the way of safety, as the most likely failure to expect would be loss of power, and would result in the throttle returning to idle.

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Hi guys,

The solenoid solution could work even simpler than that. A normal spring loaded solenoid can easily be controlled with PWM like a proportional hydraulic valve. It might require some kind of damper (shock) to move smoothly. The return spring will provide some safety in case of power loss but if something jams you have to cut the ignition.  ;D

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