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How small will they go?


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they will probably get pretty small like miciro scopic think about it they could invent a chip some day that si so small that it is imbeded in your finger and you can't see it and you just put your finger to a scanner think abput it like 1 TB in a finger that woukd be cool ;D ;D

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Guest Alun

I bet you the die's even smaller.

I remember reading an article in a magazine back in 1995 about how they've managed to squeeze 1GB onto a postage stamp sized magnetic tape I wonder how much data they you cram onto the same space today.

One of the problems today is the address bus width 32 bit computers are limited to a maximum of 4GB of address space, that's why 64-bit processors are slowly gaining ground.

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Those r small, but when u find the ratio of size:memory or Memory:size probaly the top one would be the 60GB Ipod Nano.

Every heard about the 2.5 inch hard drive that can hold over 146GB! made by seagate.

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