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Final Year Project For Electronic Egn


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i have check in Project Section there, but cant find a better project or good project as title for my final year project.

Actually what project that more suitable for Degree student? i'm more interest to computer stuff but cant get any sense to make it as my final year project.

My final year project required use of microcontroller or microprocessor.

thank for the link.... :)

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I've never built a microcontroller project before but PICs are your best bet, I myself like the idea of using an old PC mother board if it's going to be mains powered and space isn't an issue.

As you're doing a degree you'll probably need to design something rather than using a kit or project on the Internet, but there's nothing wrong with using one as a rough guide.

What other interests and hobbies do you have?

Is it possible you could build your self something usefull?

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i'm doing degree. i also get some idea for my own but i dont know how to get started.

My idea sound like that: fuel detector corresponding to distance. let say we have 1 liter of fuel then the circuit will calculated how far our vehicle will run. it will also affect by rpm and speed. But i dont know where i can start my project.

i'm more interests doing with computer hardware but dont know what have to do. ??? :'(

Alun: do you have any suggest or idea might share with me??

thank alot.

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I suggest you do something with a microcontroller.  Some ideas are:
- An SMS remote controller (switches on-off remote devices by sending the appropriate SMS message).
- A data logger, voltage, temperature or anything else you might need to record over long durations.
- A central heating temperature controller.
- A vehicle possitioning system (Interface a GPS to the controller bord and every few minutes send the car's position to a remote mobile phone)

Personally I like the PIC microcontrollers, you can find lot of development tools on the internet and there are good compilers for Basic, C or Pascal.

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Electronics is not an easy study. You might get a little frustrated when you try to build and test a circuit. What you will find in many instances is that a designer will utilize block diagrams, put together a multichip monster of a circuit, and realize success or failure by the presence or absence of an audio signal. What I would suggest is that you build a simple circuit with total signal accountability. Show that you can quantify at every point in the system using both multimeter and oscilloscope. Prove to your instructor that you know about gain, transistor biasing, capacitors and inductors. Remember that electronics is still an invisible science and what you can determine to be fact is in your best interest.

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