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Hello all,

I am new to PCB designing. I want to get some PCB designing software for free. I had one ExpressPCB. But not sure about its versatility and use as a professional pcb maker. please tell me which software should i go for. Also, if i use ExpressPCB then, will I be able to design PCB card (physicallY) at my own or i have to order it to ExpressPCB office.


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Guest SM2GXN

Hi Kumar!

Eagle is a powerful and easy to learn pcb software, there is quite a big number of different softwares for doing same thing but I stay with eagle.
The one you can download from the link Ante posted can do everything the pro version does but the maximum size and number of layers sets the limit.
I would say that for most hobby pcb:s it's more than enough.
I've tried lots of different pcb softs, I always stick with the most logic but ofcourse that's up to the user :)
Try Eagle and let us know what you think.

Hi Ante!

Which one do you use?


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