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Coil gun charger circuit


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:)audio guru those 1n5408 diodes in my dicksmiths catalouge says they are rated at 3 amps so i dont know where ya got the amps details on them from, as for the diodes well i got the idea of useing three of them from the circuit schematics for the high velocity electromagnetic launcher or ring shooter so i thouth id borrow that and use it for this coil gun gee it sure goes better now anyhow that circuit i posted agers ago to the topic chargeing of capacitor by bakr its in the high voltage stuff section  as for the circuit i used to charge the capacitor with not includeing the modifications here it is

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:)audio guru there we are 3.0 amps forward current  ha ha ha ha  as said and the wire size  of the diode well my  10 watt resister has bigger legs than that.  oh thats a good idea that used car parts hey well im looking for a v8 engine to put in me coilgun to drive it to the test zone lol ha ha ha ha

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:)the 555 timer and irf540 or 640 or 740 n channel ,mosfet and potentiometers are separate and not on the board so the pins you see are where the wires from the timer and mosfet and potentiometers run to . here is another flyback ill be useing in this latest cap charger for the coilgun  now ive had to replace a section of the circuit board with pvc  as it was broken 


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