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locking system


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hello to all, i am mohammed from bahrain

i need your helps in my senior project idea

i can descripe my idea as follow:

Our objectives in this project are to implement a security system in a company or in a special places by employing the entrance to these places which is mainly being a door, we need to attach a simple device for controlling the entrance (open/close) to the area such as a locker device with keys to taking the password from the user.

In addition, we will include a camera that can register any motion that is done in the entrance when the user trying to press any key of the locker device.

Both the locker device and camera must be interfaced to a computer system such as a visual basic to controlling the activities of the security system.

Last but not least, we can include a ringing device that will alert the security man from any critical situation.


1-Some programmable chips(microcontroller).
2-Visual basic program.

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Hi there mohammed

Ok, i will help you a little(point you in some directions)

First, i think, you need some kind of solenoid/motor or something to control the locking/unlocking/opening/closing of the door.

Second, a button/keypad/cardreader or similar to check the person that will enter
the door.

Third, obviusly you need some kind of camera.

Fourth, you need a computer.

Fifth, some kind of alerter to alert the security man.

Sixth(right spelling?), you also need som kind of interface between the computer and periferals, at least some of them.

Seventh, you also need some kind of operating system for the computer

Eight, you also need some kind of programming tool to write a program to control the whole thing.

Maybee you need some moore things that i have forgotten, wiring for example!

You also need a lot of luck! ;D ;D


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thanks alot for staigen for the help but all these ideas were in my brean because it was my suggestion, now i think in how to make the user enter his password by using a prepared keypad or by make my own keypad circuit and how it will be look  like and how can i interface it to my pc or micontroller to check the the password entered from a list of passwords stored before in the memory???????? 

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I think what you have to do first is to think of how to interface those items: keypad, alarm, camera, door lock to the computer.

Be honest, if you are using a computer to do the work, everything are far too easy; only you need is to how to write program for interfacing.

And mostly, "google" can help you a lot!

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