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???I have been building a remote controlled car at home and want to add a camera to it that i can view wirelessley from my computer screen. can anyone please give me some advice on how to connect a ccd to give a digital output that could be transmitted to a reicever on my computer.
p.s. if anyone can provide a circuit diagram or relevant websites please let me know. thanks, riaz

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this diagram is pretty much all i could find for ccd circuits can anyone tell me if it is a suitable/unsuitable circuit for the task?
PLEASE!!! any help on this matter would be brilliant
riaz :P

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I'm not putting you down. I'm saying that your project sounds to be extremely difficult if not impossible to do.
I have some scrapped cell phones and their parts are extremely tiny and would be very difficult to remove. Most of the ICs are custom-made for them so information about them is not available. Most nubees can't make an FM transmitter work at only 100MHz and you want a frequency that is 24 times higher. Designing and building a receiver that operates at 2.4GHz would be a nightmare.

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