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Car Amp!!!


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Ok....Installing an amp and sub for my friend in his little beater  :P  Anyway he kept telling me about he heard something about drilling through his firewall.  I kept saying naw and you just run it off a 12V feed like a cig. lighter.  (My previous research was in the thought of putting speakers in my boat where this wasn't an issue.)  How many amps does an amp draw?  The wire kits I saw were 10awg wire that goes to the batt. for a 200w amp.  Is this fully necesairy (probably) or can I power it with the cig lighter wires?  I think his amp is putting out 150w continous (RMS) bridged for 1 sub.
The kit is needed then?

P.S. Anyone happen to know what the remote turn on wire (from deck to amp) runs through it?  If the kit doesn't come with it, what size of wire would work there?

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I believe it was 25 amp.  Does that mean it can draw potentially up to 25A?!  Well...a safe ammount slightly below it.

This is the amp my friend bought:
It doesn't really give much for electrical detail but it shows you the wattage and all.

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You dont have to drill through the firewall, but bot 200w RMS you should use 4 gage power wire, you cacn run it in the joint where the hood, door, windshield meet.  There is almost always enough room to run it through there.  Otherwise drilling a hold in your firewall is the next best.  DO NOT BY ANY MEANS USE A CIGARETTE LIGHTER, OR ANY WIRE LESS THAN 8 GAGE.  POTENTIAL FIRE HAZARD!!

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