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Good day to you all..

I few months ago, i was looking for a project to work on for my thesis.. eventually, i ended up working with one of the site's project.. i had it wired as shown in the schematic, it didn't work.. Luckily, audioguru was there, he patiently worked with me.. we were troubleshooting most of the time.. a lot of parts have to be replaced.. from a word of an expert himself - CRAZY! in short, the circuit have lots of problems.. especially that it was a main of component of the circuit that was wrong..

it had me thinking.. who makes this projects anyway? if there are contributors, who filters/decides if the project should be posted or not?

i don't  have any grudge to the site.. i just want to make eLab better.. I'm also aware that the site doesn't guarantee that the projects are working flawlessly.. it's just that, it would be better if the chances that someone will chose a defective project would be lessened..

i am hoping someone would consider my concern.. tahnks..  :D

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Hi Logan,

I agree, and you are not the only one here to be wondering about this problem. I get mails asking about projects quite often and many are just minor problems but some are worse and needs extensive changes to work as supposed to. I hope we can change this, I don’t know exactly how but sure there must be a way to accomplish this!

Please no grudges!  ;)

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Please no grudges!  ;)

whoa! certainly none! why would i feel such when i owe the eLab a lot..

There are many projects that don't work. It would be impossible for the staff of E-Lab to test each one before it is posted. We are trying to fix them as they are worked-on by somebody who complains about a defective project.

yes, i think it is inevitable that defective projects to be posted on the web.. i'm just glad there are expert like you that are willing to help fix them...

I don
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Explained this before....but here goes again......
No one can control what gets posted to the web. But most problems in projects are minor. Lines end up in the wrong places or some values are wrong.

If you build a project and it does not work, report it to the moderator. If someone else built the project and it did work for them, I am not going to build it to see who is right.
If you have built a project and it did not work at first, but you made some changes to get it to work, report what you did to the moderator.
If you are only building the project in theory, or you see problems in theory only with no bench testing, don't waste my time.

Also note that most projects which have a discussion going have a link on the project page. Follow the link to see the conversation about it.


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