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Problem Connecting to Site


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I have a problem.  For some reason from the house I can't connect to this site.  I'm at school at the moment.  I've done a tracert and I get through my ISP, but get stopped at defenderhosting.com.  I don't believe I've been banned or anything since I've only posted a couple of times.  I like this site and enjoy reading the posts so it kind of stinks I can't connect to it from the house.  Also this is the only site I can't conncet to.  Any help would be appreciated. 

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First thanks for the replies.

Staigen I'm pretty sure that my IP is dynamic not sure what it is at the moment.  I did manage to connect last night through a proxy service, but that's really slow.  The only thing that worries me is that maybe an ip block is banned right now for some reason.  For example say my actual ip was I believe you can block 192.XXX.XXX so all ip's that start with 192 would be blocked.  I hope this is not the case, but maybe it's just a DNS error, and I need to contact either the hosting company or my ISP.  I've checked everything I can think of on my side...blocked  sites, hosts file, router config, AV programs, and what not.  Hopefully it'll get straigtened out.     

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I know I was using that as an example as opposed to using a number that could possibly be someones ip.  That's why I said for example say my actual... I had thought about putting (I realize this is the local ip set by my router) after it, but I thought it would be assumed.  I've set up a network or two before  :). 

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