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TV Disrupters and Cellphone jammers

Guest Fatal_Byte

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Guest Fatal_Byte

Hello everyone,

        I was just wondering if anyone knew of or where I could get some good cell-phone jammer circuts. Also I have some schematics on a hanheld tv disrupter, and I was wondering where I would instal a antenna to make the range increase, or anything else that was helpful for it. Anything would be greatly appreciated:)


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Cell phones use many RF frequencies. If your jamming transmitter operates on one of those frequencies then the cell phones will work fine on the other frequencies. If you sweep the RF fequency of your jamming oscillator or just make random RF noise then it will need a lot of RF power and will interfere with many different types of radio and TV communication.

Causing radio interference is illegal in many countries.

An emergency occurs and somebody can't use their jammed cell phone to call for help. You get sued for jamming the communication.

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:)radio interfearence well it can be cuased my many things like a niosey electric moter  and lightening bolts to , even that cant be policed if illeagle  so what could they do well maybe man made interfearence, but then if that was the case theyed have to shut down any niosey factories with electricals that can cause this interferaring rf nioses  if they aint suppressed so then what next

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