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SD-834, SD804A, SD806C


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Hey everyone...
Does anyone have or know where to get information on Sylvania Developmental
Vacuum Tubes...SD-XXX #s...I Really Really Need these pinouts, or equivalent tube #'s... :'( :'( :'( ???

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Hey Staigen,
What a fast response...Yeah I have two manuals neither have any reference to the developmental tubes...I am sure there is a common(or more common )replacement...but nobody knows anything about these...I guess they werent actually released to the public and therefore no data was ever released...I figured you would know...They are really small, about the size of those little Xmas tree lights with long solder type leads like TO-5 transistors..Unfortunately they are so small I cannot make out where the internal connections are...otherwise I could figure out the pinout which is what I really want! 8)
                                                                  Thanx for the FAST response,

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