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I Need help for these Capacitors

Guest Fatal_Byte

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Guest Fatal_Byte

Hey Everyone,

      I seem to be having some trouble locating these capacitors. Radio Shack doesn't seem to have them and I have been unsucessful with Jameco.elec also. If anyone could help me find a certain place where I could order all of these I would be very delighted:)          Much Thanks!

              -.1 meter, 50v ceramic cap (blue tablet .1)
              -6-picofarad, zero temp (4.7 disk)
              -47-microfarad, 35v vertical electrolytic cap (green or bule can)
              -6 to 35 picofarad trimmere tuning cap

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The first two descriptions and values don't make sense. Maybe they should be:
0.1 microfarad/50V ceramic disc capacitor. A 100V one would work the same.
4.7picofarad NPO (zero temp) ceramic disc capacitor.

I have found that www digikey.com and www.newarkinone.com have more electronic parts than anyone else and their shipping is extremely fast.

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Guest Fatal_Byte

Hey Guys!

      Thanx a lot for the help. I'll be sure to try those sites. The capacitor values are taken from a project in a book called "More Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius" found at any Barnes&Noble. I'm trying to make a handheld tv jammer to pester some of my roomates while they watch "The Price is Right" but just as a innocent practical joke. Thanks Aagin!

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