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wireless transmit & receive data

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hey!!!!!!!!!!!!        i can help you in that problem. i have that circuit you need and its works very very well!! but my problem is how to post my circuit here?i dont know how.tell me how. and i will give you the schematics and also the patern of the circuit board.

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Hi balong, thats good! If everybody did this, this board would be much better!

If you look just under the window you type in, you see the text "Additional Options..." , just click
on that one and follow the instructions, its obvius what to do! Allowed file types: txt, jpg, gif, pdf,
mpg, png, zip, rar! Maximum attachment size allowed: 10000 Kb


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I am also interested in this project , balong please hurry and send the PCB layout and schematics man.. i was actually trying to do it with a more easier approach , using FM band and then using carrier audio signals of range 1Khz to 10Khz at the transmitting end and filters at the recieving end to filter those frequencies using a frequency filter of the particular range. however this is just and idea of my project that i am trying to build... not tested. For Transmitter i intend to use TX-500 Transmitter which is a 1/2 Watt transmitter and has a decent range. and reciever i use a commercial Radio kit which costs around 1.2$ with amazingly great sensetivity , using a Sony SMD AM/FM Radio chip ..

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