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9v + (2xAAA) = ????

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I have built two little kits I got from maplins.  One has a 9v battery and the other has 2xAAA batteries.  The 9v one is a sound generator and and the other drives a couple of little motors.

I would like to control them both with the same on/off switch.  Could i wire them both into the same switch or would the differing power sources cause problems?  Could i piggy back one off the others power supply? 

Any suggestions?


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Wow, thanks for all the suggestions.  just to recap though ...
1)If i put a 3.3v regulator/relay before the 3Amp kit I can power them off the same source.  Whats the proper name for these things, just so i know what to get.
2)If i did the above thing then i could control them with the same switch, as they would both accept the same  current thing.  If not, then get a 2 pole switch that would control both circuits.

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