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Slackjack, Is there any way that the part of file which has been downloaded just before my net disconnects can be saved and when i again try it....it just resume from there?Huh?

You can try this one. I've never used it though so I hope it works well.

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Guest nanop

Could someone please provide the July/August issue of this magazine.

From Zepplein

Thank you chief11
This site, www.sonsivri.com, is apparently a great place to look for magazines; somebody should spread the word. 
See you around

:'( I tried this site, but how do u start the download, the website is all another language I don't understand.
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Guest nanop

I understand English, and French

The problem is, when I click on the download link, it opens the download link thats in another unknown language to me. So I don't know where to click to download the file.

For example, when I try to download the Elektor 2005 part 1 RAR, it would open a site called http://www.hemenpaylas.com/download/587933/Elektor_2005.part01.rar.html
I'm not sure what to do at this site to get the file to download. Any ideas?

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