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Simple but sophisticated lab Power Supply

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YOU can have a very cheap power supply from TI's  Isolated DC/DC Converter IC's Series.  One such chip is

PT4310 Series —48V 6-W Low-Profile Dual-Output Isolated DC/DC Converter

Its main features include
• Dual Complimentary Outputs
• Wide Input Voltage: 38 V to 75 V
• 1,500 VDC Isolation
• 9 Pin DIP Package
• No External Components Required

As TI people are very generous in distributing there samples, so u can have a sophisticated lab Power Supply with almost no effort.

Regards :) :) :)

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I consider “sophisticated” to be somewhat “advanced” which I do not think this is!
I also do not understand what farming terms like “agricultural” have to do with this! ???

I think this device is advanced compared to a 7812. As Muhammad says there is no need for a transformer so compared to older style powersupply modules thats pretty advanced.

And agricultural just means thrown together or bread boarded type construction. Maybe a bit of an Australianism.
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