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Digital motorcyle gauges

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Hello everyone,

I am now actually thinking out loud.I dont believe I have the knowledge to build this idea I came across.

My goal is to remove the instuments from my motorcycle ( for starters speedometer and RPM )
and replace them with a VGA tft LCD ( most propably about 7" ) and the gauges to be displayed on the lcd.Analog gauges that is,on the LCD.

If thats possible at ALL,I would like to add the following specs :

** Different  looks on the gauges ( to make it look from a gsxr to a cbr or an R1 or even a concept gauge )
** Customized gauges  : change the color of the elements of the gauge ( needle backround etc )

I believe this project requires microcontrollers.

PLEASE keep in mind that these are thoughts and I would to like to hear your thoughts and comments on the projects and hints as well

P.S    Thanks to all the moderators and members who reply and contribute to the community
P.S 1 Child imagination is what makes us engineers ( civil,mechanical,space,electrical,electronic )

Best regards

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Thanks for posting this link friend.

The output is on an alphanumeric display ( only numbers and characters can be displayed on ).I want to take this on the next level on a TFT VGA display which has no limitations

An additional project that can also be used on a motorcycle/car that is completely useless though,can be found on www.serasidis.gr ( includes english version ) and it mesures the g ( gravity force ) on one axis.

P.S Monochrome LCD displays ( for car/bike speedometers etc ) are still at large and in my opinion the reason for this is their functionability.I live in a country with intense sunlight and its prety difficult to read the display on a vga tft.

Example : In an effort to extinguish this problem Toyota has a car model called YARIS or VITZ ( differs from country to country ) and has put the instument panel far in a tunel on the dashboard as to avoid direct sunlight hitting the display and thus making it difficult to read it 

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Mate....  to run a tft lcd panel from a microcontroller, you will need serious computing power. I don't believe you will be able to use an 8 bit microcontroller like a pic or avr, you may be able to use an ARM based microcontroller though, like the philips lpc21xx. This would be a very big and complicated job.

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