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Can someone design a PCB for this schematic?? (The dotted cap. is ment to be a 10uF elec. with a dual pot. in series (one for each amp) and to be connected to pin 1 not ground and the 2.5M is the volume) The amp type i'll be using is the LM380N. Thanks

This seems a very simple design. Why not have a go at it yourself? There are plenty of progs out there to help you.
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hello thunder

  There is a good eagle tutorial on the eagle web site plus I think I posted one in pdf format someware on this site. You can search this site for it.
                                                  have fun

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Zak, it looks good. Nice ground plane and the traces look like they are far enough apart so that they will not cause interference.
I was not able to check your schematic against the board layout, but the layout itself looks well done.


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