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Allen Bradlet SLC500 programalbe Controller HELP

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A couple monts ago I bought an "Allen Bradley SLC 500 Programable Controller" at a goodwill (thrift/second hand store) for $8.95 (US). At first I wasn't entirely sure what I was about to buy, I was just impressed by the 12 shinny toggle switches... I got home plugger it in and it powered up, but the LED beside the lable "CPU Fault" was blinking... there is a removeable flap and under are two (empty) IC sockets, I'm assuming this is the faulty CPU... Here are some pictures:
Serial interface:
Flaps closed:
Flaps open:
The empty IC sockets:
(sorry for bad quality)

Is anyone familiar with the "Allen Bradlet SLC 500 programalbe Controller?
Does anyone know what part I need to replace the missing cpu?
I know this is a hardware forum, but I'm also wondering if anyone has the software for this unit.

Hope you can help ;) ;)

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When I first got it I searched through google results for about 3 nights and found stuff, just not what I was lookin for. The company that used to make these units was bought out/ changed there name or something like that and doesn't make these units or parts for them any more. I was looking on ebay and found the software for this and they wanted $35 + shipping for it (they were just 2 floppy disks).

Just kind of hoping some one in the forums used to work with one or something... :-[

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Hi I have one of these at work still from an ole project. We keep it around for R&D. I have good news and bad news. The CPU fault usually means that there isn't a program installed in the CPU. The Prom that is missing isn't a big deal because there is a battery backed RAM.

The bad news is that the software is high dollar and I don't think they even support it anymore. I'll have to check. I know when I was using ours that it used RSlogics. Look on Evilbay they usually have lots of parts for pretty cheap. That unit is also expandable also. If you look under the I/O side you can see about a 40 pin IDC that plugs into the next rack.

Ladder logic rules!


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Hello Jeff, you are just the guy I was looking for!
I'm not entirely sure what you meant by:

The Prom that is missing isn't a big deal because there is a battery backed RAM.

Are you saying that all I need is the program RSLogics? or is there something else?
I contacted the company that bought A&B and they told me that they no longer sell the software.
I have also looked on ebay for the software and the one guy who had it wanted something like $35 (US) for it... It was only two floppys....

You said you have one at work, do you have the software for it?

Thanks alot for the reply, Jeff! Hope to hear from you soon.

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IIRC The unit I have doesn't have one in it, I just connect up through the same PIC module using you are using and download my program with RS logics. If I disconnect power the program is still there, even after months.

I can't remember but I think the liscence was on one of the discs and had to be transfered onto the cumputer that it is being used on.

But with 12 inputs and 8 outputs you can do quite a bit of stuff with it.

Another one you might want to mess with is the Moller Klockler (sp) units they are DIN rail mounted and you can also program them through their front pannel if needed. I have been using them almost all the time on small jobs.


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Little problem..... I didn't get to make a copy (real busy) but I was going to make a copy (Actually I think it's 3 3.5" and a CD) today but I couldn't find it anywhere. It was in a box that had a piel of trade mags in it and I think he tossed the whole mess. I am pretty sure he didn't but I am not sure. I still have that binder on the SLC 500, but just in case you might want to pick up that software for $35 that's a steal. I looked at the chip that is installed that you are missing and it is an 89C52 IIRC is a PEROM.


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Allen Bradley was bought out by Rockwell Automation.

The SLC500 is a PLC from the 80's and it uses RSLogix500 for is programming. You also need RSLinx to communicate from the software to the PLC.

The software is about $7000 for the package, a SLC is at least $1000.

Good find!

Well that
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