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Stereo Audio power amplifier 2 x 40W - 80W

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i Have looked it up in farnell , i found the transistors by searching and selecting my country . My distributer is makkays , so i will be looking to contact makkays . However i glitch that makkays have these transistors  on hand. if not they have to import .

But still they cost around 5.5 pounds . which is approximatiley Rs 550 and it is really very expensice for a transisitor.

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Well Thank God I got the Transistors at a low price , farnell is toooo expensive , i have bargained for Rs 1000 for  8 transistors , one transistors cost Rs 125 which is 1.25 pounds and 0.73 dollars i guess. so really low price. Well BEsides That i also have a 8 transisitor heatsink for only Rs 175 , which is 1.75 punds or 1 dollar approx.

So I want to ask if this M250 can be used as a amplfier in the 500W inverter to increase power. and then use a power transformer afterwords..

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I want to ask if this M250 can be used as a amplfier in the 500W inverter to increase power? Then use a power transformer afterwords..

The 500W inverter won't work with an amplifier. The M250 amplifier can be used in a sine-wave inverter.
If you use 8 car batteries in series to feed it positive and negative 48V, its output power will be only about 115W to about 200W and can be used with a 30VAC stepup transformer.
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so if different channels are used can it produce more power

Amplifier outputs should not be paralleled without adding series resistors. The resistors will waste power and cause poor voltage regulation.

IF there are common connections . what will happen parallel voltage is same only current divides , and we have a lot of current no problemooo one car battery is about 55A @ 12V , the one which i have

Eight 12V batteries in series can power many amplifiers. But then the charge in the batteries won't last very long.
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Well Here is another Amplfier i found of 1.5 KW how is this Baby . this can drive upto 1.5KW , this is insanity , but wait just calculate how many batteries  :o Godd Help me . No way , i neeed something like a ferroresonant transformer and a square wave inverter that's allll  ;D

Further More this is the fans Pic , i am just asking do i include two fans on one heatsink or not  ???. I am Eager to use one fan per heatsink . THe Fans are rated 12V @2.2W and 200mA approx . and no i am not using these heatsinks for the inverter , i am using them first for the M250 Amplfier , Stereo 500W x 2 , 250 Watt per channel .



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But the amplfiers that are in the market , especially Car Audio Amplfiers , are rated 1000W maximum value and 500W x 2 channel RMS

IF i use one 250W for the Deck and the other one for the Car . i Will have to use a square wave inverter to produce 300W from a 12V car battery. and a square wave is easily converted to DC .

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I can use MJ15024 in this configration , they are 250W power transistors , to increase power , beacuse MTP75N06 is not manufactured as well as MTP60N06
THis only Leave BUZ11 and IRF540 , which can be found . but if i use MJ15024 in parallel combination with a good heatsink will it work

Can You tell be a more simpler method , how i can order a transformer with input ratings and output ratings . so it is easy. (ie input voltage , centre tapped , output input current)

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The M250 amplifier is supposed to use four MJ15024 power transistors and four MJ15025 power transistors.

A power transformer needs a primary AC voltage rating the same as your mains (240VAC, 230VAC, 120VAC) and for a stereo amplifier with 250W from each channel the secondary would be 80VAC centertapped, 8A which is also written as 40VAC-0V-40VAC, 8A. It will give positive and negative 54.5VDC at 5.7A.

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