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mystery, electronic or not


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today i reaceaved a number of mystery calls , a female vioce recording tells me i have 2 vioce messages, it then starts reading out binary coded decimals to me , thats ones and zeros , i do not have the corect phone nor do i have any setup to dechipher vioce codes in english so unlless this vioce thinks im a pc then it should be feeding me the sqeeling niose like as if you ring a fax by error and get that pc fax signal  but it tells me in english all these ones and zeros as if it thinks im a code breaker and can workk out these things in my head , i dont know what it is but a few calls to telstra bigpond has failed to solve the mystery  they did say i can if i had the right phone setup  i can receave and send these vioce messagers but then thats why we have anserwing machines  so can anyone figure it out

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they spoke english to me but it was a female vioce recording reading out zeros and ones , whic i reckoniza as binary coded decimels as features in the forrest mims iii mini engineers note book , to others it means nothing unlless your a computer when it would be easyer for them to ring and speak english  or just ring me directly  so the female vioce recording was speaking in ways that is was not ment  to be

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Did you try to call the number back? Maybe if someone answers at the other end they can tell you what it is all about. If it is binary coded decimal you could probably make a device to decode it.

Check this out!

The Alphabet in Binary Code
Binary Code

A 01000001
B 01000010
C 01000011
D 01000100
E 01000101
F 01000110
G 01000111
H 01001000
I 01001001
J 01001010
K 01001011
L 01001100
M 01001101
N 01001110
O 01001111
P 01010000
Q 01010001
R 01010010
S 01010011
T 01010100
U 01010101
V 01010110
W 01010111
X 01011000
Y 01011001
Z 01011010

Binary Code

a 01100001
b 01100010
c 01100011
d 01100100
e 01100101
f 01100110
g 01100111
h 01101000
i 01101001
j 01101010
k 01101011
l 01101100
m 01101101
n 01101110
o 01101111
p 01110000
q 01110001
r 01110010
s 01110011
t 01110100
u 01110101
v 01110110
w 01110111
x 01111000
y 01111001
z 01111010

Here is another site to play with

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