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Moderators for all boards! (If possible)


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OK, here goes!
I have a feeling E-Lab would improve if all boards had moderator/s. Some issues need attention and a moderator (or a few) for each board might be a good thing.

This new board (moderators only) will serve best if we all speak strait and honest to and about each other at all times. We must be able to give and receive criticism between us when necessary. (I know I’m not a saint!).

Gods Speed.

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Alright you took my suggestion. Now if we could just use this to our advantage.

I noticed alot of one time members that only post once and don't return for their answers. If there were a way for the Moderator of the board to see the hidden email address can contact the person and see if he or she is still interested in the answer. If Not then the Moderator can feal free to delete that topic and make room for a topic that is more meaningfull.

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I have also noticed the one-time posts, but I think they should not be deleted since someone else might have the same question. It is hard to tell if the OP has returned or not. I had the impression that some will see the answer and not post again.


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Okay Ante,
Thank you for the space you have given us.
You are the greatest and it is very much appreciated.
I bow to you.

Function: verb
Pronunciation: 'bau
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English būgan; akin to Old High German biogan to bend, Sanskrit bhujati he bends
intransitive senses
1 : to cease from competition or resistance : SUBMIT , YIELD <refusing to bow to the inevitable -- John O'Hara> ; also : to suffer defeat <bowed to the champion>
2 : to bend the head, body, or knee in reverence, submission, or shame
3 : to incline the head or body in salutation or assent or to acknowledge applause
transitive senses
1 : to cause to incline
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3 : to crush with a heavy burden
4 a : to express by bowing b : to usher in or out with a bow

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John, MP,

Seriously, I think we (or perhaps Mixos) have to search for suitable Moderators somehow. E-Lab needs moderators and I mean active moderators. I do not have the exact recipe for how to go about this but I think it’s a necessity to recruit moderators for all the boards. I might have some possible candidates but I don’t know if they are interested (I haven’t asked them). I do not want to stir up something that will never happened since I don’t have the final word (and don’t want to) in such matters.
Any concrete suggestions on how to proceed here?

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Steven may be a good one for the High Voltage Board. Someone is better than no one.

Here is why we need Moderators for All Boards. These are Currently posted on the High Voltage Board.

mustbeeeone Should Be Banned
[email protected]


AngelyXXX Should be Banned
[email protected]



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Steven was proposed a LONG time ago to become a moderator on High Voltage section, so there is no meaning telling that another moderator was selected instead of steven. There was NO debate between the existing moderator and Steven. I thought Steven had a clear view of the situation. We have discussed the possibility with Steven to become a moderator on High Voltage section but he had major problems posting a message with attachments and needed much effort to do this. I used to post his attachments on his messages a long time ago. So i think that in the practical level of being a moderator he should be more familiar with the forum to be able to help us. That's the point and i wouldn't like to disapoint Steven selecting another moderator.

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