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Moderators for all boards! (If possible)


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When there is an obvious grudge I like to know what it’s all about so it can be corrected for the future!
I don’t mind jokes and teasing BUT I don’t like insinuations and fuzzy comments!
The solution might perhaps be me leaving this place for good!
Just say the word!

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The situation took uncommon range for no reason at all! Steven told me he is not dissapointed i selected Zeppelin as a moderator (as i read on previous post) and techically he can't manage the High Voltage board. He is not familliar, deleting, moving, editing messages (as strange as it sounds) so there is no reason to continue this discussio. Steven is not wronged and any time he is a potential moderator. That's all.

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I am Sorry if anyone got Rubbed Wrong I did not mean for that to happen.
Ante , if I seamed like I accused you of this it was not intended. Please accept my appologies. I was just trying to get someone as a Moderator for the good of this Website. Since Steven was the most frequent contributor, my feable brain thougth he would be the obvious choice for the job. I was trying to communicate this thought and I addressed you by mistake when the person I needed to see this was Mixos. But he did not see it in time to consider my choice. Sorry  ???

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Hi John,

Apology accepted, I can understand what you where trying to do for Steven but perhaps he needs some help to moderate the HV board, at least for a while. As you mentioned earlier Stevens spelling is not 100% and he sounded a bit unsure about this himself too. But you are absolutely right; Steven is the most frequent contributor to the HV board, no doubt!

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