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The 1uF/16V capacitors are only used at a few volts so only their value is important. Capacitors with a higher voltage rating will work the same but might be bigger. 1uF/25V or 1uF/35V might be small enough to fit on ther pcb.

You are using the pcb, aren't you? This circuit works at around 100MHz and won't work on a breadboard.

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Are u kidding about the 1uf 16V electrolytic cap !  :)
Those can be bought just about anywhere. They can be bought online, and even at Radioshack, "that usually sucks"
Here's the site for Radioshack :

Long URL...

BTW, Where r u from?
and what does the W mean after 1

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yes Im using the pcb.  Im using batchpcb.com.  Ive used them before, much better pricing than advanced circuits.  and Ive looked on mouser and digikey for a 1uf 16v radial electrolytic capacitor and i haven't found them.  I even looked under tantalum but the only ones they have are non stocked and have outrageous mins.   

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Even EBAY sells Capacitors that will do the job.

LOT OF 1uF 16V AXIAL CAPS-LOOK!! Item number: 270020134485


Mini Radial Electrolytic Capacitor ~ 1uF 50V (100) Item number: 170021781483


Non Polar Radial Electrolytic Capacitors 1uF 50V (25) Item number: 170012887414


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