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help for rpm measurement

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If you know the HorsePower(HP) and the Torque of it, you can also find the RPM  ;)

Horsepower =2 (pi) S T/33,000

S = shaft speed in r.p.m.
T = shaft torque in lb-ft (pound-feet)

From this u can get    S= 33,000HP/ 2(pi)T

BTW, 1 Horsepower = 745.7Watts

:) :) :)

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I guess it’s like comparing a gallon (inp. vs US) they are not even close!

Or a ton vs a tonne and a ton!
Or short ton = 907.2kg vs metric ton = 1000.0000000000000kg how stupid is that?  ;D

I stay with metric like Europe; it’s much simpler this way! 8)
Or perhaps one day there is only 907mm on 1 meter!? ;D

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