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For fun - What is your degree?


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Hi All,

Well, I have no degree to offer...I am a hobbyist hoping to turn it into a reirement. My experience of electronics is limited...I built a 4 channel music colour unit from a kit when I was 16 and constructed lighting units for a mobile disco when I was 17. I also rebuilt a pinball machine. I am currently putting myself through a corresponence course in TV & DVD repair (oh, the joy of rural living...lol). I enjoy the hardware-side of things, and starting to understand the theory.

This site is invaluable for me as a resource.

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I have a masters degree in mechanical engineering, associates degree in electrical engineering and a bachelors degree in computer science (not computer engineering). I just got my A++ certs!

I'm currently going to the University of Cincinnati (UC) for my masters in electrical engineering. They have this great CO-OP program where I get on the job experience, this is paying for most of my fees!! Didn't coast as much as I thought either. I was thinking $30,000 a year or something crazy like that. I almost didn't look at as an option, glad I did though...

I went to Columbus Tech for my masters in mechanical engineering. I worked at Sandee laboratorys in new mexico for a few years designing designing a bunch of crap for the government. I think I like the Tech school better than UC as I didn't have to take english and history... Bluack!. :-X

I got my bachelors in computer science at Columbus Tech as well... It was something I kinda picked up while I was there and did some classes for it. That was fun... :D That's how I got into electronics, actually. I liked working with computers so much I started to dabble in electronics as a side hobby. repairing Computer motherboards when some idiot screwed them up because they thought they could fix it. And here I am today...

My whole life laid out for all to see and all at the age of 18!  :P

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Hi ,
  I am still doing my undergraduate courses in EEE at RUET(Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology).Now i am in 3rd year and electronics is my hobby from early childhood. I disassembled all the electronics appliances in my house to see the parts inside when i was 15 years old.

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Hi guys, I hold a B.Sc.(Hons) and M.Sc. degree in Electronics from the University of Delhi, INDIA. Currently I'm pursuing my Ph.D degree in electronics from the same. I'v been working on conducting polymers based devices specifically solar cells for my doctoral thesis for the past 3.5 years and plan to complete it in 6-8months. This site is of great help to all hobbyists, amateurs and professionals in electronics, and is a great resource for all. ;)

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