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For everybody’s convenience please don’t use RS!!

To get much better access and faster downloads and also possibility to use download accelerators (for those with slower connections) not everyone has got a T1 line!

Use any of these instead:

ICEFILES: http://www.icefile.net/
MiHD : http://mihd.net/
Megaupload : http://www.megaupload.com/se/

Thank you for your cooperation!

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hi, i'm new here. most obliged if you guys can help find just these 2 ebooks.

- The Art of Electronics
- TAB Electronic Guide to Understanding Electricity and Electronics

tried looking for them in P2Ps, torrent search sites, search engines, till i found this site.
i found several links & P2P results for "The Art of Electronics", but most of them is are non-OCR version, w/c aside from ugly, is way too big

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Its now asking me for a password to access your folder...

sorry for a late reply......
Slackjack,have u got access to it or still waiting? I got the links which were inside this folder from another forum..... here i have attached the text file which contains all these links....

IMPORTANT!! the folder was updated ....it now contains links to more than 700 engineering books.....


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