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turn wind into an electrostatic generator?

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Thanks in advance!
Science Project:
Is there a way to turn wind into an electrostatic generator?.
Kind of like the Kelvin water drop generator.
where wind is the only moving part.

Maybe start with a pvc pipe.
Wind blows thru pipe.
Stuff inside pipe collects charges.
What stuff? Configured how?


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:)nar  ha ha ha ha ,  down under here we are in the upright position , useing a bycicle upside down and useing plastic  in the spokes was an idea i got from a book many years ago  so that when the wind blows thropugh it it spins like a propeller  , being in australia down under we have no sense of being upside down , other wise our hair would be sticking up in the air and we would all look like punk rockers .

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