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foam wire cutter

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:) here is a foam wire cutter circiut from the net, and some neat pictures of how i made this one , of corse i couldent find the corect transformer so i went one better and even for the resistors to . the transformer was suposed to be a 25 volts ac at 2 amps but the closest i can find at dicksmiths is a 24 volts ac at 3 amps , and it works great and as for the resistors ,well  the 2x 10 ohms at  10 watts aint good enougth for the transformer i used so i got 2x 10 ohms at 50 watts with gold plated aliuminium finned heatsinks and they dont even get hot , and for the transformer im useing if i was to used 2x 10 ohms at 10 watts, thoses white colourd rectangle resistors, they would get very hot and if you have them flatt to the board they cook the board and even the solder jionts, especially if you have them above the board, would melt


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:)heres the front box pannel details for this , note the long bow and short bow  switch .to put it simple its a toggel switch to switch it for a long nichrome or resistance wire  or short wire hence the name short bow /long bow , the long bow position uses more current flow to heat that wire


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:)thankyou samma, my brother biult one from these schematics and it works great to the t and he has a construction setup for the nichrome wire and a tension spring to and when the wire gets hot , when you adjust the tempiture it bows and he has no problems at all  as the spring keeps the wire straight

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:)sarma thankyou for your input , ill try that when i make the second one  if my calculations and theories for my planned  hydrogen from water exsperiment  goes ok  . the the other part where the nichrome wire goes to cut foam with ill be leaveing that out for the time being in favour , of useing that nichrome wire  and another idea to aid in the exspansion of  hydrogen gass . extracted from water

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;) now for a test useing the output voltage if its 3 amps  like the transformer say it is, first i made a water gas circuit , rated to handle 6 amps at 1000 volts , well thats the voltage rateing of the bridge rectifier, i dont have any 24uf non electros around so i settled on 0.47uf green caps , even though you get them in a brown colour  to . then i used the same demineralized water i use to make colliodal silver with and i added  some low sodium diet lite salt to increase the conductivity  into my split diode reactor i once made and posted the pictures to the playing with hydrogen topic . now powering it i used the short bow settings and when i turned it up the bubles from one electrode was fast and smaller than i would get from useing just a 12 volts battery to provide the voltage  so  ill be working on it more soon


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