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12vdc heating element

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I want to create a set of heating elements for moy diesel vehicle for use on running veggie oil. As such the oil needs to be heated before going to the injectors. I have seen a set of elements using resistance wire by someone selling them on e-bay. He no longer sells them. I need to know what diameter or gauge of resistance wire would I need to heat the steel fuel line to roughly 100 degrees minimum?? The length of the fuel line itself is about 10 inches or so. Wanting to run this on a 30 amp 12v dc circuit. Also thought about putting a thermosat in the circuit that way I can control the temperatre...I have seen several differnet sizes of resistance wire on e-bay, but figured I'd get some advice first before going out and buying wire then having to experiment..Please e-mail direct to [email protected] with info...
                                                          Thanks, Franklin

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