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CCD's and CMOS image sensors


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hi, dont know if this in the right forum:

for a low end image sensor (between 2 to 3 megapixels) in a colour video application, can anyone recommend the best sensor to use (CCD or CMOS)

when i say 'best', i need these specs:

>smallest (dimensions, and weight)
>2 to 3 megapixels
>low noise, high sensitivity
>colour filter
>fastest possible fps rate (must be 30fps or more)
>no image burn-in, or distortion, or delay.
>lowest possible power consumption.

please post if you have any ideas for the best chip for me to use,

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EDIT: im probably going to use CCD to be honest, because they have higher sensitivity, higher quality images, lower-noise, and generally more pixels (not a really important factor for me, as long as it is above 2 megapixels)

even though CMOS sensors, can consume about 100 times less power, and are cheaper too. (not really too sure about frames per second, but i think that CMOS is faster, because each pixel is individually read, rather than shifting the charge; agian not too important as long as it is above 30fps)

so please can you recommend a CCD to use that fits my specs.

thank you

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ive been searching the net for ages, for a good chip, and this is the closest i have got to what i need; TC246RGB-B0 on Texas instruments website:


and the datasheet:


however, on the first link (above) the chip's status is 'ACTIVE', but when you click on it, there is no pricing information, or any option to buy it, or to send for a sample.

these kind of chips have turned out to be particularly hard to find on the net, and are not stocked by any electronics stores that i know of on the high street.

please if anyone has looked for any image sensors before with any success, point me in the right direction ??? (ideally, it would be good to get a sample of a handful of these devices, that are as close to my specs as possible, without having to buy them in multiples of 250+ at

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yes, your completely right elix, thery're really expensive
at the moment, ive taken to disassembling webcams, salvaging both the electronics and the included optical assembly, even though the ones i have been able to get hold of are fairly crap quality. ::)

what experience do you have in this area? (particularly in acquiring these chips)
I would really appreciate any  more info that you could share with me,

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