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Re: I need some help in electronics personal project...

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guys I just signed up in this forum, I wanted to make something electronics personal project, but I dont have enough knowledge... ;D I only know how to read schematics, delevelop a PCB(non photo-PCB), some incomplete info on electronic components(but I know what the resistor, capacitor, transformer, diode does) and electronic calculations...
But I am taking Electronics and Communications and we are now learning everything on electronics, electronics circuits & electromagnetics.

I wanted to make something like the Camera Circuit... more like a device that charges a capacitor/capacitor bank at a small amount of time  from a portable battery(9V/3V)

I am thinking o something like... the device charges until you release the button, (it keeps increasing/charging voltage until it reaches the required voltage for the capacitor; its not unlimited voltage guys :P, I dunno if its possible, but the max voltage should be 400V or if not, 300V like the cameras)

I think Im going to use it for shorting a coil... theres many things to use it! :-X I cant enumerateit all!!!
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