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At one time law enforcement was going to deploy these disc launchers under their cruisers.  The disc was fired under a suspects vehicle and used a powerful microwave frequency burst to toast the vehicle's onboard electronics to shut it down.  Or was it radio frequency?  Been many years.  I don't believe they were ever widely deployed.  Some suggested the reason was the possibility of disabling a pursuit vehicle, though I suspect cost was more likely its down fall.
  Hero999 is also quite correct; EMP devices violate numerous federal laws and can get you into deep dooky.  If you were trying to construct an anti-theft device, rfid type tech would be lawful, useful and not overly difficult to deploy.

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To put in perspective -a small charge w/deionized magnetic particles binded w/graphite
was to detonate 55,000ft. above kansas,the entire US would become "offline"-Any
device using any voltage would catastroficaly fail for at least 2 weeks or until replaced.
Think of bull in china shop,any charged particles dispersed near power grid attracts to
inductance(magnetic fields)which in turn shortout all electronics.Now for your question,
I would use an overload circuit.Imagine hitting a cars computer w/a stun gun,it would fry internal components.There is several ways,still got questions,e-mail me.

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