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Want a 4400uF 50WVDC Capacitor

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Hey, so I'm building a dual polarity power supply and I'm having the hardest time finding the capacitor rating I'm looking for.  I was under the impression this capacitor was fairly common but after digging around it seems to be really hard to find.  I have found 4700uF electrolytic capacitors with a 50 volt rating, but pretty much no 4400uF capacitors.  If anyone has any suggestions on a good place to get these, than please don't hesitate.  Perhaps Jameco?

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For a power supply you want filter capacitors with the highest value you can afford or for a certain physical size.

Electrolitic capacitors have a wide tolerance of their value. The minimum value of a 4700uF capacitor might be 3760uF. A 4400uF capacitor might be only 3520uf and have a ripple voltage that is much too high.

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Thanks guys that was most helpful. On a side note I have been fabricating an old CD player as the case for the power supply, but it's turning out to be more difficult than I originally thought.  Any suggestions on relatively cheap project boxes and the best tools to use for mounting switches, transformers, etc.?


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