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microwave crucible


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I'm looking into casting small parts in brass and aluminum, but I don't feel like having a full blown foundry.  I saw that with the right susceptor materials, crucibles can be heated by microwaves.  Does anybody have any links to forums that are involved in this?  I'll probably run with this no matter how little information I have, but I'd like to know the caveats.

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I don't know much about this but I imagine that if the crucible were made of a material with the right electrical impedance it could be done. If the material that's too good an insulator won't work because it won't absorb any energy and it'll just pass straight through, if it's too good a conductor the radiation will most likely be reflected. Try graphite, if it's too conductive graphite-ceramic composite.

Another idea is to use a ceramic crucible and to impregnate it with a tungsten filament, an electric current will be induced in the filament, causing it to to heat up. The filament needs to be of the right dimensions to be most effective.

Disclaimer: I'm no expert in this filed.

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There is a variety of information concerning inductive crucibles available on the net.  A very basic cup and heating element might be constructed, but it is likely more affordable to simply purchase a refurbished one from a used tools supplier.  I'm all for building it yourself, but you have to strike a balance with practicality or you end up rebuilding the wheel from scratch all too often.  A hard lesson to learn, I assure you.

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