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Voltage Controlled Switch


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Can anyone help with a small project on a motorbike


Was wondering if someone could help me with a small project.

I'm after something that will allow me to control (open or close) an output based on an input voltage taken from a Gear Position sensor on a motorcycle (0v to 5v) i.e. neutal=0.5v, 1st=1.1v, 2nd=2v, 3rd=2.7v, 4th=3.5v, 5th=4.1v and 6th=4.7v)
Otherwards turn on when voltage is between 0V and 3V and off up to 5V.
(On for 1st, 2nd & 3rd and off on 4th, 5th and 6th)

I want this to act as a circuit breaker with the ability to control on/off per gear and was planning to break a signal wire.

Any idea's?



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Thanks Alex and Hero999  :)

I'll have a good look through the pdf's and come back to you sp thanks very much!
We have a mechanical device that we want to switch off on 4th, 5th and 6th so basically the output is to open/close the circuit or simply drive a relay which I can place in between one of the circuit wires.

Do you know of any suitable relays and if it would be possible to use a variable resistor to control the voltage range that is permitted? i.e. to permitt 3rd gear

In fact do you know if I can buy the whole solution from somewhere lol

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In order to get someone to do it for you, you need a proper specification first.

What are you going to be powering it from? A 5V regulated supply, a 12V bike electrical system?

How much current does the relay need to switch? What is it switching?

What value is the adjustable resistance? Or do you just want a potentiometer and you don't care what the value is. If so can it be board mounted? Does it have to have a proper knob or is a trimmer which can only be adjusted with a screwdriver good enough?

What's the expected operating temperature range?

What's the IP rating i.e. does it have to be waterproof or dust/oil proof?

Is going to be subject to mechanical vibration?

These are the sorts of questions you need to answer before selecting a product or getting it designed for you. I could design something that would fulfil all the criteria you've listed above but might not meet your needs because there's some requirement you may have that I don't know about. For example I could design it to be run from 5V, then you fry it by connecting it to 12V or it breaks in a few months when water corrodes the circuit board.

Where do you live?

If you're based in the UK, I'll do it providing you give me a good specification, pay me a reasonable price and pick it up from my house.

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