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Hyperdimensional Resonator


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This is some information about the hyperdimensional resonator.






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I wasted over 2.5 minutes watching a video of the inventor unscrewing 4 screws to show inside the box that was almost empty.
His American hill-billy accent is too stong for me to hear what some parts are called.

It has something to do with time travel?
But time travel is impossible. His invention only makes a loud buzz and causes the hands on his watch to spin.

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:) ive seen this the gibs setup for his resonater thing he uses his own body as part of the circiut like putting his finger of hand on this plate thing or other  it looks more like an electronic mind stimiulater and you notice he hasent vanished into time yet  otherwise he wont be seen on youtube  even though i havent seen his videos yet ive read about him agers ago

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