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replace a laptop motherboard cmos battery


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I have taken the motherboard CMOS battery out of a Hewlett Packard Compaq Presario V3142AU laptop and the battery is dead.
I have located a battery with the same specifications without wires attached and no plug. This battery...


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

...this is what the removed dead laptop battery looks like...


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Could I solder the original wires to the two terminal tabs, I note one of the tabs is very big, without damaging the battery?
I have  40W soldering iron and I should be using a 25W soldering iron.
From what I have experienced with soldered motherboard batterys the solder is more like a weld.
I would wrap the finished battery with wires with heatshrink or maybe insulation tape.

Because one of the terminal tabs is very wide would that affect the power from the battery to the laptop motherboard?

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Why not upload the attachments directly rather than using imageshack?

He's not takling about soldering directly to the battery but to the tabs which are specifically designed to be soldered to.

Yes, you can solder to the tabs, just try to do it as quickly as possible, especially with the large tab which will conduct heat quite well. I don't know which tab is + and which is -, I think the small tab is - but I could be wrong so check with a meter or look at the datasheet.

After you've soldered the wires to is cover the whole battery in insulation tape.

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