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Is there something missing in gate driver(IR2117) circuit of a buck converter? h


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This gate driver is for a buck converter. The input to this IC is a nice pulse of frequency 100 KHz of variable duty ratio. I have checked the circuit many times and ensured that no shorting is there. But the output remains 0 volts. The output HO is hanging as well as the output VO is hanging. For the sake of step by step progress, I have left them hanging. Is there something I have missed or something I dont know that I should have done.


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Guest Enforcer83

looked at the datasheet and assuming you are powering the chip (VCC) with a voltage between 10 and 20V and giving it a logic signal in the same range, there is no reason you should be having a problem.  The hookup you have given is as I have seen in the application circuit.

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