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24V to 5V 150A


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I have TI design with Two-Phase Synchronous Buck Controller w/Integrated Mosfet Drivers.
base on TPS40131 (http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/tps40131.html)

.... so if I will keep the same design, and just add more power Mosfet in parallel and keep the same coil value micro hanrey, just make it not saturate in 150A all will work ?

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The V in is 24 Volt from bus batteries.
Every module, has also logic control , so all has reference to GND. meaning I need to send set Pixel command from digital card that has GND and 5V supply.

So to cascade all module is will not work. every module will have floating GND. and will not get digital command on his bus.

If there is some low cost switching power supply 24 V to 5V 4 A, with cost 1 to 1.5  USD. I can put that power supply near every module. But I do not think I can find that solution.

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