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question about PIR

Guest firefli

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Guest firefli

I Have a LED light with a motion sensor and photo sensor.
I would like to eliminate the motion part so the light is on all the time when it gets dark.
the QUESTION is would putting a jumper across the source and drain or the source and gate
of the PIR turn it on all the time.

Any advice would be appreciated, Thanx

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Guest firefli

I removed the lens when I opened the case.
I assume the unit was made in china which is why there are no markings. But I will look closer with a magnifyer.
The 2 cylinders with the rectangle windows in the pic. look just like the PIR's I saw on google images.
I'm like 95% sure thats what they are.

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If it is then shorting D to S will keep it always turned on, but not cause the circuit to think there is always motion which needs an AC signal created by the Fresnel lens. The circuit will simply do whatever it does when the FIR is exposed to continuous IR light.

I am surprised to see that it has a tiny solar panel inside that develops a voltage when exposed to IR light. Then the voltage turns on the Mosfet.

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