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Well, that was odd


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I can see some not coming through due to the user base size, but your mods?

The new forum software has brought with it a few problems. Lots of the old posts, threads and attachments have gone and some users have experienced difficulty uploading attachments.


Overall its much more quiet than before. I think we should go back to the old software. The new software has been given a fair trial and the forum as only deteriorated further, so it's time to go back. Of course the admin has the final decision.

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I agree. I've always thought that SMF was an amateurish production though. My recommendation was to try a move to PHPBB as it's mature and stable. I've worked with a fair number of the forum software and I've always gravitated that way as it just seems more intuitive to administrate and the codebase is easier to hack on. I also prefer the layout as I've never been a fan of the web 2.0 look but then again, I'm old and crusty.

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