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Non motion sensing light activation


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I have posted this question in Electronic Projects Design/Ideas but this section sounded a little closer to what I am looking for help on.

I am looking for a controller that would have the functionality to operate several LED's in a normal mode and upon detection of a LACK of motion (accelerometer?) would cause the LED's to blink on and off.  This would need a reset button to return to normal state, a small blinking low power LED to indicate that the unit is on and possibly a photo sensor (debating on this)

I am not a electronics designer but I know there small boards that act as a PLC type of device which I think is what I'm looking for, with modules for the sensing devices, lighting and is programmable.

I would need these devices to be as compact as you can think of as it will be wearable .

Any ideas would be highly appreciated and I look forward to your input.

Thanks, ken


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