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Desktop Pick and Place Machines

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Hey guys!

   I am conducting some research on pick and place (pnp) machines and thought I'd ask the best around. For those of you who don't know, a pnp machine is a manufacturing tool which can very rapidly and precisely pick up and place small surface mount electronics onto a circuit board, where they can be reflow soldered. 

For fellow hobbyists/professionals such as yourselves, what are your thoughts on the concept of a desktop pick and place machine, designed for at home use? 

What are your thoughts on current pick and place machines in the market such as NeoDen?

 If you do own a pnp machine, which brand, and what are your thoughts so far? What kind of projects do you/would you use it for? If you would like one, what has stopped you from purchasing one? Are there certain requirements you are looking for before purchasing?

If you do not want one, why? Do you feel the value added by a pnp machine justifies the cost which can be anywhere from $2000-$6000?

All responses and opinions are welcome!

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