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Practical High Quality (transistors)


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ebay means "manufacturer's rejects" and "sweepings off the floor".

Don't buy anything from ebay, instead buy from a reputable and reliable Western electronics parts distributor.


Haven't you see a datasheet of an old 2N2222 transistor? Like all transistors its hFE is a range of 1 to 3 times and the actual hFE also varies with the collector current. 

With a collector current of 1mA the minimum hFE is 50 with no guaranteed maximum hFE.

With a collector current of 150mA the hFE is guaranteed to be from 100 to 300.


hFE is DC current gain that is listed and shown on a graph on a datasheet.

hfe is AC current gain that is usually a little less than hFE at low frequencies and is usually not shown on a datasheet.

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