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Relay Rating on Double booster


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Hi there..

I have got a query on replacing a relay on a double booster stabilizer.

Runs on 240v and seems to be a relay issue.

On the faulty relay currently I have NC as 30A and NO as 40A.. booster has totally 3 delays all 3 have same NC and NO value. 4 KVA capacity, 50 Hz.

Currently I have only a NC 20A and NO 30A relay from a single booster.

Can I use this less amperes relay?

I will be using this in a 1 ton AC .

Few pictures attached.

Kindly help.






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I would think if the larger rated relays failed then the smaller rated relays would not last as long.

Have you tried looking on Ebay for replacements? I have had good luck recently finding replacement  parts on Ebay.

Sorry I can not be more helpful to you; good luck.

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