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Hi i am a beginner with electronics and i was trying to make an arduino rc car with l298n motor driver the proplem with the driver that it start fine and then the motors start to slow down until it stops it is 4motors car with a simple code to just make it move forward but i don't know where is the proplem

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Perhaps the chip is over heating with to much current draw?  Try connecting only two motors to see what happens.

For the l298n chip itself:

For the IO Peak Output Current (each Channel)       
– Non Repetitive (t = 100ms)            3.0A
–Repetitive (80% on –20% off; ton = 10ms)    2.5A
–DC Operation                    2.0A


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I have some Li-PO batteries for my RC airplanes that had hundreds of flight and had storage for a few winters. I can charge one and use it and it produces a problem like you have but it charges normally. The battery is worn out and cannot produce normal power continuously for a normal duration.

Measure the output voltage of the L298 that feeds the motor. If it drops lower and lower then also measure the input voltage of the L298 to see if it drops when the motor is slowing down.

A Lithium rechargeable battery quickly becomes ruined if its voltage becomes less than about 3V per cell. my airplanes pulse the motor power as a warning to me that the voltage is becoming low then the motor stops but allows the steering servos to control the glide. 

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