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Switching Frequency Transformer


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i am in search for RKD-0556 YOE named switching transformer and has tdk ferrite PC30. It is the transformer machine of an switching power supply inside Mitsubishi Servo Drive MHI-D400 (RKD 0546-C) assosiated with MA2810 Power Switching Regulator Shindengern. Does anybody know anything about this product? 

i want to check in which pins are wrap the windings to the 1st. Cant be sure if its ok or not. I need informations. thank you 

yiannis /greece


ST MHI-D400.jpg

net file MA2830.jpg

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On 2/10/2022 at 4:17 PM, Sekemiat KE said:

first have  a look at the information about transformers here Introduction to Transformer - The Engineering Projects slope game. in this link you will learn a lot about how transformers work and how you will select the best transformer to replae the one that you have. Good lack

Thank you. Now I understand more.

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