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variable square wave 100 volt 50 amp power supply

Sedman  Smythe

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I am looking for a bit of direction with a project .

Some time ago I bought a Spark Eroder or EDM (Electrical Discharge Machine) Mechanically it is very sound, but the power supply is I think beyond economic repair.

As I  understand the power supply  it works between 0 volts and 100 volts Square Wave with a variable output current from 10 to 50 Amps.

Also both the off time and the on time are separately adjustable. 

I believe the original system used a lot  of power transistors which were switched by push buttons to obtain the correct power setting.

I am sure someone out there with a better understanding of modern electronics will have a good idea of how to achieve the supply I need to build.

Thank for looking, any pointers would be very much appreciated.

Jonathan Smythe 

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That sounds like a major project. One would want to use a microcomputer as it would  simplify the circuitry greatly.

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IWWa0xCd04&feature=emb_logo

It is said that power supplies are less expensive today for EDM machines, perhaps you could search on the internet for a good price. I would thing that 2950 pounds is expensive:


I have an eight inch steel disk that I want to make a 100 tooth sprocket from - an electrical discharge machining would be great for that I would think.


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